Saturday, June 26, 2010

2 Month Update

Abigail had her 2 month birthday on Thursday! She is growing up way too fast. We are having a blast watching her grow. Here's a list of her new tricks!
  • She sleeps in her crib and does great most of the time. Every once in a while she has a "bad" night. It really isn't all that bad, just not as perfect as normal.
  • She is starting to wear some 0-3 month clothes and a few newborn things are officially too small. She also grew out of those adorable newborn diapers... sad.
  • She is an expert at smiling and she is starting to make more sounds.
  • Sometimes she prefers to lay on the floor rather than be held. Is that normal?
  • She loves to kick her chubby little legs.
  • She started going to church.
  • She is getting a lot stronger and I think she will be holding her head up before we know it.
  • She doesn't care for tummy time. She gets sad, so then I give her a pacifier, and then she starts to get sleepy.
  • She has started to go for jogs with Mom. She is a pretty good stroller sleeper.
  • She loves to have her diaper changed and lights up when we put her on the changing pad.
  • She is patient as Mom attempts to get good photos of her.
  • She is very cooperative when Mom and Dad go somewhere or have a schedule. She always wants to eat before and hardly makes a peep in public.
Here are some favorite photos from the past month.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day

Father's Day was full of successes and failures.

Success: Abby wore an adorable purple dress to church.
Failure: She had a major blowout at church and we didn't get her picture in it.

Success: We all got to have a nap.
Failure: The naps ended too soon. Abby woke me up to eat and I woke Landon up by taking the above picture.

Success: I promised Landon I would play Munchkin Quest with him (I'm not usually very enthusiastic, but it was Father's Day).
Failure: We didn't play because Mandy already had plans. Poor Landon.

Success: Abby and I made this gift for Landon to put up in his workspace in his lab. Failure: It must have crunched on something when I brought it in with the groceries... it has a few small blemishes now. It is still usable, just sad that it happened.

Failure: I forgot to buy hamburger buns.
Failure: I tried to make hamburger buns and they ended up being way too small.
Success: We still used the buns and it really wasn't all that bad.

Success: We watched The Next Food Network Star.
Failure: We watched Design Star... not so good.

Success: We made homemade ice cream and it was delicious. No failures here.
*Confession: I had a scoop with my breakfast this morning.*

Overall, it was still a nice, relaxing day.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Check out this Grin!

We figured out a way to get Abby's smile on camera! We discovered that when we blow on her face she will almost always take a deep breath and then do a huge smile. I can't believe it, she doesn't seem old enough to know how to play games like this! My baby is getting so big. We also learned about the continuous setting on our camera that allows us to get several shots quickly. Here are a few that we got.