Sunday, October 28, 2012

6 Months Old

 Ivy is officially 6 months old!  Since I haven't done a single post about this sweet girl, I decided I might as well be on time to document her 6 month mark.  Here are some facts about Ivy.

  • She sleeps on her stomach.  Don't worry, we do put her on her back, but she always rolls over.  At first she started rolling on to her side to sleep but now she goes all the way over.  Funny girl, takes after her mom that way.
  • She doesn't seem to care much for pacifiers.  She is pretty mellow so we never pushed it too hard when she was really little.  I think she probably would like one, but she doesn't know how to keep it in.  Instead, she seems to be content sucking on her fingers as well as her bottom lip (cutest thing ever).  
  • She is a roller.  She isn't really rolling across the room or anything but she constantly rolls over to be on her tummy (exact opposite of her older sister).  She moves around a bit by rolling and rotating.  She isn't crawling, but she is starting to get better at tucking her knees in and lifting up her bum and torso.
  • She is starting to learn how to sit.  She doesn't love to sit, but she is seeming more and more interested.  She especially likes to sit in the grass when it is nice outside... unfortunately, I don't know how many more nice days we will have.
  • She has a great smile.  She will almost always give you a smile, even when she is fussy or really tired.  
  • She likes to scratch surfaces these days.  She also likes to grab faces and hair (although I don't really have any for her to grab!)
  • She loves to take baths and have her diaper changed.  I used to say she was the cleanest baby ever, but now I can say she has had her fair share of blowouts.
  • She really likes to watch and see what is going on.  It is fun to see her take everything in.
  • She is very patient and calm.  Baby #2 has been quite different.  I feel like Ivy has to just "go with a flow" a lot more than Abby did.  However, Ivy is just as sweet as can be and hardly ever complains.  
We love our sweet Ivy!
Not the most glamorous, but this is such an "Ivy face." 

Smile with a scrunchy nose.

Scratching the rug, a daily occurrence.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Backyard Olympics

We love watching the summer Olympics at our house and were excited for the games in London to start.  To celebrate and expose Abby to the Olympics (and to just have fun), we had our very own backyard Olympics!  Abby had a blast!

Here she is warming up for all of her events.

The 50 meter dash (while holding balls, Abby's idea).

The Ball Throw/Catch the Ball event

The Hurdles 

Just having fun running around.  We also did a jumping event, but didn't get great pictures form it.

Representing Team USA!

Here she is receiving all of her medals.

She was so pleased!

Go Team USA!

Abby thought I deserved some medals too!

We had so much fun and Abby really did have a blast.  It was amazing to me that she was so excited about receiving her medals when she doesn't really know what it means!  We are pretty sure NBC will show these photos of her when she is in the real Olympics.  We just need to figure out what sport she needs to start training for!

Monday, April 30, 2012


We are happy to announce the birth of our second daughter, Ivy Jane Pratt. She was born on Sunday (April 29th) at 3:48 pm. She weighed 6 lbs. 5 oz. and was 19 inches long. Both she and mom are healthy. So far she is a great sleeper, hopefully that won't change! Here are a few of our favorite pictures so far:

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Abby's 2nd Birthday Party: Part II

After our picnic outside, we came inside to open presents and have cupcakes.  Abby loves opening presents and had a great time playing with her new toys.  Here are some fun pictures from the rest of her party.

Alphabet puzzle from Grandma Nila

A train from Mom and Dad

A shopping cart from Grandma and Grandpa Moss

A fun box with dress-up clothes and accessories from Mandy and Hollie

Trying out the lovely jewelry

Her new bee costume

The table with all the food and decorations. 

We had pulled pork sandwiches, "poptorn", chips, fruit, teddy graham/marshmallow mix, jelly bellies, melty mints, and chocolate milk.

The tuptates

Enjoying her #2 cupcake
She loves ice cream ("i-tume/i-team) as well

We love our birthday girl!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Abby's 2nd Birthday - Part I : Teddy Bear Picnic

Today we threw a party to celebrate Abby's upcoming 2nd birthday. Katherine did a great job planning the party, and Abby had a blast. It was just a small party. Aunt Mandy and Aunt Hollie were able to make it, as well as great-grandma Nila and great-grandma and grandpa Moss. The theme was "Teddy Bears Picnic." Here are some highlights from the picnic we had in our "back yard."

More pictures from her party will be coming soon...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy 26!

I had my 26th birthday this year.  It got up to 60+ degrees and Abby and I had a great time going to the park.  Landon came home early and we went to dinner at Guru's (one of my favorites).  In the days leading up to my birthday we asked Abby what she wanted to do for it.  Her answer was always "tuptates" (cupcakes).  We couldn't disappoint her, so we got a few from a cupcake cafe that is by our house.  Abby thoroughly enjoyed the pink frosting.

It was a great day!