Thursday, November 19, 2009

Social Media Experiment

One of the things I am considering focusing on for my Master's Degree is Social Media and its effects on society. As a fun little experiment, I saw today an article in the Daily Universe saying that BYU was getting thrashed in a contest to bring Weezer to the winning college campus. As of 4:30 pm today we were still getting killed, we had 237 votes compared to the first place Florida State who had over 9,000.

Now I am a huge FSU fan, but lets see if we can catch up and make this a contest! I wouldn't mind seeing Weezer in concert.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Belly Progression

Today one of my classmates (a guy who I've only known since September) looked at me and said, "You are not showing at all. How far along are you?" On the other hand, I met with brand new client at work today. She is 32, has 4 kids, is a runner and is in great shape. I went ahead and asked her about jogging strollers since I am in the process of choosing one for myself. She looked at me and said, "I noticed a little tummy and thought to myself 'she must be pregnant and just starting to show'." So I get both types of comments. Some people say I do not look pregnant and some say they can tell I'm getting bigger. I have to agree with the latter, although I think I just look a little chubbier, not really pregnant. I guess this is the awkward stage where people don't know if I'm pregnant or just gaining a little weight. Here are a couple pictures to track my progress. You can decide for yourself.

Me at 16 weeks (2 weeks ago).
This was the day when many of my pants stopped fitting and I had to adopt the rubber band/button hole trick.

Today at 18 weeks.
I can wear these old, grungy, stretched out jeans no problem and one other pair with the a rubber band, but once they stop working I will be out of luck and on to bigger and better pants. Luckily, we got some sweet deals on maternity pants at Gap and Old Navy this weekend. They still seem huge, but they will probably fit before I know it.

The past couple of days I have thought that I can feel the baby, but who knows! I will be more convinced when it is more obvious. We have an ultrasound scheduled for Dec. 1. We are pretty excited and hope the baby will cooperate so we can find out the gender.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I love dressing up for Halloween, or for any occasion really. However, this past month has been pretty hectic with midterms, projects, sickness, etc. Whenever we would think about what to be for Halloween, nothing would come to us and we would forget about it.
On Friday, the day of Mandy's Halloween party, I was ready to give up. I figured I could just go as a pirate and Landon could be a soccer player (our default costumes). While walking to school I suddenly came up with an idea Landon would go for. I have to say, for getting everything together in a couple hours, I think we looked pretty awesome.
Here is our inspiration.

We dressed up as Tom and Summer from 500 Days of Summer. We thought this movie was great. The soundtrack is great, and its nonlinear narrative plot was done exceptionally well. And we could really identify with the characters, as I'm sure everyone could in one way or another. Here we are!

The cute couple.
Us again.

Me as Summer. Summer always wears at least one shade of blue. She often wears headbands and tucks her blouses into her mid-rise pants and skirts.

Tom often wears sweater vests or v-neck sweaters with a skinny tie and rolled up sleeves. He also wears his headphones a lot of the time. Landon had speakers hooked up to an ipod in his messenger bag and had Hall and Oates playing as well as other songs from the movie.

The pictures may be hard to tell, but yes, I sprayed my hair to be a brunette.