Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Abby Talks

I just wanted to share all the new words Abby has started saying the last few months.  It is so fun to watch her learn new words all the time and it's hilarious to see which words she picks up.

  • "Ab"- Abby. For the longest time she would call herself, "Ab."  A couple of weeks ago she finally switched to "Abby."
  • "miamo"- piano- the kid loves the piano
  • "crack-crack"- cracker- she loves saltine crackers.
  • "more"- more and she signs it while she says it.
  • "be"- bink
  • "ant"- ant- one of our favorites.  If she spots any black spec, she calls it an ant.  Sometimes she thinks there are ants on her food or in her bath.  One time she was having a grilled cheese sandwich and there was a little burnt piece.  She said "ant" and then refused to eat it.
  • "bee"- bees and flies
  • "muh"- milk
  • "chee-yo"- cheerio
  • "wa" or "wawa"- water
  • "wa"- also means walk
  • "shoo"- shoe
  • "bebo"- bib
  • "appa-suce"- apples, apple sauce, apple juice, any type of juice or fruit, really
  • "chappa"- chapel
  • "eye"- eye
  • "neose"- nose
  • "no"- how she answers any question that is asked, sometimes she means it, sometimes she doesn't.
  • "papa"- pasta, which she finally loves to eat
  • "up"- help
  • "bagoon"- balloon
  • "bug-gun"- buttons and belly buttons
  • "pung"- pillow
  • "bung"- bubble
  • "buh"- book
  • "bah"- ball
  • "baa"- bath
  • "baby"- she loves spotting babies, especially at church.
  • "cheese"
  • "Jeese"- Jesus
  • "cah"- car
  • "emmo"- elmo
  • "boo"- Blue (Blue's Clues)
  • "cauck"- clock- she LOVES pointing out clocks.  It reminds us of "Up" when the dogs say "squirrel!"
  • "moo"- moon- Her favorite book is Goodnight Moon. She points out everything in it- moon, cats, clocks, balloon, cow, etc.  Her favorite pages are "Goodnight nobody.  Goodnight mush." She always laughs.
  • "ow"- cow 
Here are some of her first "sentences."
  • "bye poop"- I promise I don't say this, I don't know where it came from.  
  • "da mom" - dad and mom
  • "more (blank)"- more pasta, more cheese, more cheerios, etc.
  • "brow beh, brow beh"- brown bear, brown bear
  • "bye (blank)"- bye to anyone, or anything 
  • "my dad"- my dad
  • "tank oo mom"- thank you mom- she just said this yesterday (she was prompted) and it was pretty dang cute.
I'm probably missing some, but that gives you an idea.  She is also starting to say some relatives' names, which is pretty fun.  Here are some cute pictures of her recently.