Sunday, July 29, 2012

Backyard Olympics

We love watching the summer Olympics at our house and were excited for the games in London to start.  To celebrate and expose Abby to the Olympics (and to just have fun), we had our very own backyard Olympics!  Abby had a blast!

Here she is warming up for all of her events.

The 50 meter dash (while holding balls, Abby's idea).

The Ball Throw/Catch the Ball event

The Hurdles 

Just having fun running around.  We also did a jumping event, but didn't get great pictures form it.

Representing Team USA!

Here she is receiving all of her medals.

She was so pleased!

Go Team USA!

Abby thought I deserved some medals too!

We had so much fun and Abby really did have a blast.  It was amazing to me that she was so excited about receiving her medals when she doesn't really know what it means!  We are pretty sure NBC will show these photos of her when she is in the real Olympics.  We just need to figure out what sport she needs to start training for!