Thursday, July 8, 2010

4th of July and Thesis Fun!

My study ended mid June, which gave me about 10 days to write up my thesis in order to make the deadline I needed to make. The writing actually wasn't as stressful as I anticipated. Of course, Abby was a great baby and let me get a lot done during her naps. And then once Landon came home, he helped out a lot. I think it actually worked well to have to take breaks while writing to feed Abby or just hold her for a bit. The most frustrating things occurred with the silly little details no one ever told me about; getting everyone and their dog's signatures, applying for graduation, getting a new ecclesiastical endorsement, petitioning for credits because I forgot to sign up for them (oops!), etc. However, everything worked out and I'm officially scheduled to defend my thesis on July 19! I'm so excited and the end really is in sight now! You will soon be able to call me "Master Pratt." In addition, an abstract I submitted got accepted to the National Obesity Conference. So Landon, Abby and I are going to trek down to San Diego in October to present it and hopefully have some fun while we are there. I think it will be a great way to end my "career" as a student.

4th of July was a little funny this year since it was on a Sunday. They did the fireworks on Saturday here, and then Sunday just seemed like a normal Sunday. It was still fun though. We took Abby to watch the fireworks since they fire them off right outside our door. Abby looked at them for a while, didn't cry but didn't really have much expression either, and then she fell asleep during the finale... funny kid. Here are some pictures of us.

Getting ready for the fireworks to start.
See, she was definitely watching them. Who knows what she thought about them.