Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is the face Abby makes when you say, "Happy Thanksgiving!"  

Abby had a great Thanksgiving this year.  Some highlights include jumping on Grandma and Grandpa Bishop's "champine" (trampoline), playing with cousins, eating Jell-O and pie, and watching Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving.  We hope everyone had a great holiday! 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Harry Halloween!

Here are pictures of our inspiration and our costumes for Halloween this year.

Hermione: my inspiration
Snape: Landon's inspiration
Draco Malfoy: Abby's inspiration

Tonight we went to our ward Halloween party.  We had a lot of fun dressing up, eating hot dogs (Abby had 1.5!) and chili, and trick or treating around the building.  Abby even won an award in the costume contest.  They gave her the "Best Girl Impersonating a Boy" award.  When the judges introduced her to the crowd, she cast a spell on the judges (pointed her wand at them and said a spell).  The whole audience laughed and clapped for her.  She was pretty popular and we think it is pretty great that they liked her so much they had to make up an award for her.  They had only planned on doing "Best Girl" and "Best Boy."  It was hilarious to see people mistake her for a boy or get confused because they thought we had a girl.  Poor kid, next year we will have to let her pick what she wants to dress up as.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Abby Talks

I just wanted to share all the new words Abby has started saying the last few months.  It is so fun to watch her learn new words all the time and it's hilarious to see which words she picks up.

  • "Ab"- Abby. For the longest time she would call herself, "Ab."  A couple of weeks ago she finally switched to "Abby."
  • "miamo"- piano- the kid loves the piano
  • "crack-crack"- cracker- she loves saltine crackers.
  • "more"- more and she signs it while she says it.
  • "be"- bink
  • "ant"- ant- one of our favorites.  If she spots any black spec, she calls it an ant.  Sometimes she thinks there are ants on her food or in her bath.  One time she was having a grilled cheese sandwich and there was a little burnt piece.  She said "ant" and then refused to eat it.
  • "bee"- bees and flies
  • "muh"- milk
  • "chee-yo"- cheerio
  • "wa" or "wawa"- water
  • "wa"- also means walk
  • "shoo"- shoe
  • "bebo"- bib
  • "appa-suce"- apples, apple sauce, apple juice, any type of juice or fruit, really
  • "chappa"- chapel
  • "eye"- eye
  • "neose"- nose
  • "no"- how she answers any question that is asked, sometimes she means it, sometimes she doesn't.
  • "papa"- pasta, which she finally loves to eat
  • "up"- help
  • "bagoon"- balloon
  • "bug-gun"- buttons and belly buttons
  • "pung"- pillow
  • "bung"- bubble
  • "buh"- book
  • "bah"- ball
  • "baa"- bath
  • "baby"- she loves spotting babies, especially at church.
  • "cheese"
  • "Jeese"- Jesus
  • "cah"- car
  • "emmo"- elmo
  • "boo"- Blue (Blue's Clues)
  • "cauck"- clock- she LOVES pointing out clocks.  It reminds us of "Up" when the dogs say "squirrel!"
  • "moo"- moon- Her favorite book is Goodnight Moon. She points out everything in it- moon, cats, clocks, balloon, cow, etc.  Her favorite pages are "Goodnight nobody.  Goodnight mush." She always laughs.
  • "ow"- cow 
Here are some of her first "sentences."
  • "bye poop"- I promise I don't say this, I don't know where it came from.  
  • "da mom" - dad and mom
  • "more (blank)"- more pasta, more cheese, more cheerios, etc.
  • "brow beh, brow beh"- brown bear, brown bear
  • "bye (blank)"- bye to anyone, or anything 
  • "my dad"- my dad
  • "tank oo mom"- thank you mom- she just said this yesterday (she was prompted) and it was pretty dang cute.
I'm probably missing some, but that gives you an idea.  She is also starting to say some relatives' names, which is pretty fun.  Here are some cute pictures of her recently.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

1 Whole Year

Yes, I do realize I'm pretty behind...

Abby turned 1 on April 24, which happened to be Easter this year.  Here are things she started doing at that time.
  • She weighed 17 lbs and 15 oz.  Her length was 28 inches, which puts her in about the 5th percentile for both. We love our petite little girl.
  • She points at everything.  Things in books, outside, in her room, etc.
  • She has more "words."  One of her favorite things to say is "das" (dance) and then she starts to dance.  She also says "da" for dad and "mamama" for mom (or to say she is hungry it seems).
  • We realized she knows a lot more than we thought she did.  When asked, she will point to Jesus, her drink, Blue's Clues (the TV), spoon, bananas, balls, books, flags (she loves flags and will even point to them in books), our noses, Easter eggs, balloons, dogs, and cats. Oh, when Uncle Mike came to visit she pointed at him a couple of times when we asked where Jesus was.  He has a beard... it was pretty hilarious.
  • She loved having her cousins visit.  She went to the park, swam, and had a blast at Ikea with the McDonalds.  She liked showing cousin Heath how to bang Easter eggs together, and trying to get him to support her while standing (didn't work so well).
  • She loves Easter eggs; banging them together, opening them up, trying to close them, throwing them... they are the greatest toy.
  • She went to the zoo for the first time and did pretty well with it.  A couple times she seemed a little frightened, smiled some, but mostly just looked and looked (and pointed).  I would love to know what was going in her head.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wearing Dad's Shorts

The other day I was getting dressed to go for a run.  Abby was with me in our bedroom and I left for a minute to put my hair in a ponytail.  I heard Abby whine a bit and turned around to see this...

She somehow manged to get her whole body through one leg and one arm through the other leg of Landon's shorts.  I couldn't stop laughing.  She likes to try and put clothes on, but doesn't usually succeed like this.  Who knows how she did it.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mom's Day

Have I ever mentioned that I love being this little girl's mom?  I really do.  She is so happy all the time and very friendly.  She's a fantastic eater and sleeper.  She makes life much easier than I know it could be.  It is such a joy to watch her learn new things every day.  I'm so grateful for the chance to love this little girl.

Thanks to Landon for taking these fun Mother's Day pics for me.  I love them.

I can't think about Mother's Day without recognizing my own mom and other amazing women in my life.  I can't think of a more selfless person than my mom.  She is such a wonderful example to me of all the qualities I would like to posses.  She is such a fun grandma who is full of energy and love.

I'm also grateful for my sister, Annie.  I have learned so much from her as I have watched her be a mother to her four kids.  I can't forget my grandmothers, my mother-in-law, sisters-in-law, my husband's grandmothers, and so many other wonderful women that give me something to aspire to.  Happy Mother's Day! 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Abigail's Birth Story

Abby is turning 1 on Sunday.  I can't even believe it.  This week I have been pretty nostalgic, remembering the days leading up to her birth.  I thought I should share her birth story on here.  This is the abridged version, but still pretty lengthy with a lot of details.  Sorry!  If you don't care to read the whole thing, you can just look at the pictures of her as a tiny newborn.

On Friday (April 23, 3 days after my due date) I was told I was dilated to a 3+ and 90% effaced.  I was stripped yet again and the doctor said he would be very surprised if something didn’t happen over the weekend.  That day I continued to have contractions that would come and go.  They would get a tad more intense as I took walks, but then would decrease in intensity once I stopped.  That evening Daddy and I went out for Indian food, you know, because spicy food induces labor… right?  Daddy used a contraction timer app on his phone to time my contractions throughout the evening.  They were basically around 5 minutes apart, lasting about a minute, and never stopped.

During the night, I was able to sleep, but my contractions did wake me up a couple different times.  When I woke up in the morning the contractions were still coming and I spent most of the morning laboring with my exercise ball and trying to relax.  I was pretty confident that this was it even though things still weren’t too painful or intense.  I took a bath and ate popsicles and the contractions continued (previously during the week, baths would slow my contractions).  I talked to Grandma Bishop and Aunt Annie on the phone who both advised me to not wait too long to go to the hospital.  They both had relatively short labors and each had experiences where they almost didn’t make it to the hospital.  It was a nice, sunny day out and I walked around the lawn at our apartment complex with Daddy, timing the steady contractions.    

Around 3:00 pm Daddy and I gathered up our packed bags and decided it was time to go to the hospital.  We figured the worst that could happen was that they would send me home.  I still felt pretty calm and didn’t have much pain at all.  We walked into the Labor & Delivery floor and it was completely quiet, hardly anyone was there.  

The nurse finally checked me around 3:45 and said I was at a 3.  I couldn’t believe it.  Contractions all day and I hadn’t made any progress?  She hooked me up to monitor my contractions.  They were consistently 3-4 minutes apart and lasting more than a minute.  They were still relatively easy, although I did start using my breathing exercises more.  After an hour the nurse checked me again and said that I made a little progress, but not a ton.  She said she would call my doctor and see what he said. 

Probably a half hour later, the nurse returned and said that given I was four days past my due date, the doctor wanted to start me on pitocin to help my labor progress.  They got it started and I responded pretty quickly.  My contractions started getting more frequent and more intense.  I was still feeling pretty calm and in control.   They bumped up my dose but decided to take it back down since my contractions were so frequent.  After an hour (probably between 6:00 and 6:30), the nurse checked me again and said I was dilated to a four.  She was optimistic that things were going to start rolling and told us to expect about a cm per hour.  She said, “You’ll probably have this baby early tomorrow morning if not late tonight.”     

Shortly after being checked, it hit.   My contractions suddenly became very intense and didn’t seem to stop.  I was having trouble trying to breathe and relax the way I wanted to.  I thought, “If this is what a 4 feels like, there’s no way I’m going to make it.”  It hurt. A lot.

The doctor came shortly after to check on me and break my water and I was pretty out of it.  To my surprise, he said I was at a 7, maybe 8.  He broke my water and you did not handle it well.  Your heart rate dropped way down.  The doctor had me change positions, breathe oxygen, and replaced some fluid to see if that would help make you more buoyant and take pressure off of your cord. 

The doctor asked me if I was opposed to having an epidural because he was concerned if things didn’t improve he would want to do a cesarean-section.  All the while I was incredibly shaky and unable to relax. 

Nothing seemed to improve your heart rate and the doctor felt it was best to get you out as soon as possible.  They told Daddy to sign a bunch of things and put on clothes appropriate for surgery.  They took me into the anesthesiologist and he decided to put me all the way under instead of taking the time to give me an epidural or spinal.  Since I wouldn’t be awake for the delivery, they told your dad to wait in the recovery room. 

You were born at 7:39 pm.  From the time they got me into the delivery room to the time you were born was less than 10 minutes, although your dad said it felt like an eternity.  You weighed 6lbs and 7.8 oz and 19 inches long.  The doctor said that your cord wasn’t around your neck.  He wasn’t sure what had happened but thought that maybe your shoulder clamped down on your cord when my water broke.  You bounced back pretty quickly but spent about an hour in the NICU to ensure you were okay.  Daddy was able to see you and make sure you were okay while I recovered from the anesthesia.

They moved me down to the recovery room at around 9:30 pm and I was finally able to meet you.  I couldn’t believe how beautiful you were and that you were inside me just hours before.  Your head was perfectly round.  You had the cutest nose.  Your coloring was beautiful; you hardly even looked like a newborn.  You had dainty hands and fingers and long, skinny feet.  Your legs were skinny and wrinkly.  You had the cutest furrowed brow.  You were perfect. 

Although we hadn’t planned your birth to go this way, we were so happy that you made it to us and that you were healthy.  When your Daddy went home to get a few things he noticed a plaque in the hospital honoring the doctor who delivered you.  It talked about how he was known for keeping a cool head during difficult births and delivering them successfully.  We felt especially blessed because he was not the doctor that they said was on call when we arrived at the hospital. 

On Sunday morning we decided to name you Abigail Mae Pratt.  We were so proud to be your parents and couldn’t wait to see you grow in our family.  


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

11 Months

Abby turned 11 months old on March 24.  Starting the next day we had visitors in town that lasted through yesterday!  So I'm finally getting around to this post.  Don't get me wrong, we had a blast with them all and are excited for more visitors next week!  Here are some things Abigail has been up to the last month.
  • She weighs 17 lbs and 2.5 oz.  
  • Her communication skills have improved a lot.  Instead of just babbling, she really seems to be communicating by using better eye contact and working on single "words."  Some things she likes to say are "ut," "dis," and "dat."  Which I feel like translate to "what," "this," and "that."  She doesn't necessarily use them correctly, but she is consistent with those words and often points to things as she says "dis" or "dat."  One time she said "Bobo" when we were reading her book Hug (the monkey's name is Bobo).  But she hasn't done it again, so it was maybe just a coincidence.  
  • She moves around all over the place and pulls herself up on everything.  We were able to retire her weighted laundry basket since she has plenty of other things she can use.  She loves to walk with us and gets going pretty fast.  Sometimes she will stand for a second when we let go, but her balance needs improvement.  I think she would have an easier time if her feet were bigger...
  • Her feet do seem to be growing!  She grew out of her cute silver dress shoes, which were size 0-3 months!  So maybe standing will come soon.  
  • She loves art and signs.  She loves to point at all the pictures and artwork that are in our home and loves to spot the handicap parking signs outside.  When we ask where her owl is or where Jesus is in her room she will look or point in the right direction.  
  • She is really good at making messes.  She loves to pull out all of her toys out of her toy boxes, her books, the DVDs off the shelf, clothes out of the laundry baskets, and anything else she can get into.
  • She loves to eat and says "mmm" whenever she does.  She is getting better with self-feeding.  She loves to eat puffs, cheerios, banana snacks (bananas with cheerio dust), and especially little chunks of cheese!  She prefers pureed veggies over chunks still.
  • She went on a swing and a slide for the first time.  She never cried, and eventually smiled about both of them.  She loved seeing so many kids at the park. I'll post pics from that another day.
  • She likes to ride in the seat of the shopping cart.  One day some silly knick knack caught her eye at Savers and she tried to stand up in it.  Luckily, she hasn't attempted that since.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

10 Months

Abby turned 10 months old last week.  Once again, she has had a very big month and has changed in so many ways.  Here is what she has been up to.
  • At her 9.5 month check up, she weighed 15 lbs and 13.5 oz.  Her length was 26 inches.
  • She got her first tooth.  It first appeared on February 7 and is the bottom right one.  She had some trouble sleeping for a couple nights with it and had a low-grade fever.  It looks like the left one is about to pop up as well (March 1).
  • On Valentine's day I went to get her after a nap and was surprised to see her standing up!  We lowered the crib to the lowest level and she is still able to stand up, but won't tip herself out.
  • She loves to stand and walk as we hold her hands.  As we were trying to get her to crawl by putting toys far away, she would actually act like she wanted to stand and would then walk to the toy rather than crawling to get there.
  • She finally started to crawl on her 10 month b-day.  For several weeks she had been rocking back and forth but just would not crawl.  She was a pro from the very beginning, it was like she had been doing it for ages.  I guess she just wanted to get it down before she actually tried it.  Or maybe she had been doing it in her crib for weeks.  She increases her distance every day and will even come find me in the kitchen when she is in the living room.
  • She pulls herself up on her toy box and a weighted laundry basket.  Our couches are too tall for her to reach.  She is starting to "cruise" a little but I wouldn't say that she has mastered it.  She is pretty daring though, she lets go with both hands a lot, which often ends badly.
  • She still loves to dance and has some new moves.  She prefers to stand now and bend her knees (see video from last post).  She also occasionally does a little shoulder move and she waves her hands about as well.  She likes to stand by the stereo and turn the volume up and down.
  • She LOVES this baby animal calendar that we have hanging up in our kitchen.  When she spots it she reaches for it and we have to take her over and show her all of the animals and make the sounds.  I have to say, I have improved on my sounds with all the practice.
  • She has made huge improvements on her laugh.  If you have met Abby you know that she has a huge smile.  As my mom says, "Abby always smiles with her entire face."  However, laughing has not been her strong point.  But she has quite the giggle lately, and we have a lot of fun tickling her.
  • She loves to eat paper.  If she can get her hands on some she immediately takes a bite out of it.
  • She loves to take everything out of my diaper bag as well as her toy boxes.  She makes a mess, but it keeps her busy in church, so I'm okay with it.  
  • She loves kids.  She had a blast watching and playing with her cousins when we visited them.  She also loves to watch kids at church.  
  • She is pretty good at waving "hi," especially to her dad when he comes home from school.
  • She had some interesting medical "issues" this month.  One day her forehead got red and swollen and she also developed a hoarse voice.  We were a bit concerned that it had something to do with the wheat cereal I had just started her on.  I mentioned it to her doc at her well check and she had us do a blood test, which came out negative.  But since wheat is so universal, she still had her do a skin test.  She was tested for all of the things babies typically react to and had no reactions.  Hallelujah! 
Here are a ton of pics of her!

This is her crawling for the very first time.  Luckily, I happened to be taking pictures when she did it!

More of crawling.

She loves to pick up tiny things off the floor.  We now have to be more diligent with our vacuuming.

Her scrunchy face, which she frequently does.