Saturday, October 29, 2011

Harry Halloween!

Here are pictures of our inspiration and our costumes for Halloween this year.

Hermione: my inspiration
Snape: Landon's inspiration
Draco Malfoy: Abby's inspiration

Tonight we went to our ward Halloween party.  We had a lot of fun dressing up, eating hot dogs (Abby had 1.5!) and chili, and trick or treating around the building.  Abby even won an award in the costume contest.  They gave her the "Best Girl Impersonating a Boy" award.  When the judges introduced her to the crowd, she cast a spell on the judges (pointed her wand at them and said a spell).  The whole audience laughed and clapped for her.  She was pretty popular and we think it is pretty great that they liked her so much they had to make up an award for her.  They had only planned on doing "Best Girl" and "Best Boy."  It was hilarious to see people mistake her for a boy or get confused because they thought we had a girl.  Poor kid, next year we will have to let her pick what she wants to dress up as.