Friday, May 30, 2008

Big Haircut

After 6 years with long hair and only minor adjustments, I decided it was time to cut it off. I wanted long hair for my wedding, but now that all of our wedding festivities are over, I went under the scissors. Here are before and after pictures. I am happy with it. I hope everyone likes it.



Internet Woes

We moved into our new apartment May 11th... almost 3 weeks ago. We discovered that all the utilities had been shut off, and we had no internet (it was supposed to be connected already). Three weeks later someone finally came out to fix our internet. It took him about 5 seconds to do so, and was something I could have done easily, if I had only known where the internet equipment was located. Turns out it was hidden in a box in our closet, behind Katherine's clothes.

Anyways... hopefully we will be able to catch up on our blog now. We have a lot to write about... the wedding, honeymoon, open house in Florida, our new apartment.... etc. Stay tuned.