Friday, February 25, 2011


Abby is growing up quickly, and she has developed some new talents.  We just wanted to showcase those talents a bit.

Monday, February 21, 2011

14 Days of Valentine's

I just realized I never posted everything I did for Landon for the 14 Days of Valentine's.  Here's a rundown.

Day 1:  One Jones Cream Soda
Day 2:  "A Table for Two."  I gave him an invitation for dinner out on V-Day with a babysitter included.  We went to Shoots in Provo and celebrated Chinese New Year as well.  Thanks for babysitting, Aunt Mandy!
Day 3:  "The Three of Us."  A picture of our family framed.
Day 4:  "Four Cheese Mac 'n Cheese."  I went out of town that day, so it was a box of mac that he could have for a meal while I was gone.  It didn't really have four kinds of cheese in it, but that's okay.
Day 5:  Five edited movies he had been wanting.
Day 6:  Six snacks that he likes.
Day 7:  Treat of his choice at 7:00.  He chose root beer floats and I insisted we do it with A&W from the tap.  They were good.
Day 8:  Eight photos I had edited from our wedding.
Day 9:  I gave him a note saying I would play his new Killer Bunnies game with him at 9:00. 
Day 10:  "Ten Things I Love About You."  A note with ten things I love about him.
Day 11:  "Eleven minutes of back scratches."
Day 12:  "12 Songs that Will Always Remind Me of You."  I also provided a written explanation of the memories associated with each song.
  1. "Heartbeats" by Jose Gonzalez
  2. "Morning Yearning" by Ben Harper
  3. "Consequence" by The Notwist
  4. "Walk Away" by Ben Harper
  5. "What Sarah Said" by Death Cab for Cutie
  6. "Janet" by The Format
  7. "Eyes" by Rogue Wave
  8. "Gotta Have You" by The Weepies
  9. "Bennie and the Jets" by Elton John
  10. "Wrapped in My Memory" by Shawn Smith
  11. "Little Cream Soda" by The White Stripes
  12. "Hero" by Regina Spektor
Day 13:  "Thirteen ingredient breakfast."  Including an omelet (3 eggs, 2 cheeses, milk, hot sauce), maple roasted bacon (2 slices and maple syrup, which tasted absolutely fabulous), heart-shaped toast (bread and butter), and apple juice to drink.
Day 14:  "14 Clue Landon & Katherine Crossword Puzzle."  I made a crossword puzzle where the clues and answers had to do with things from our relationship; dates we'd gone on, jokes we have, gifts we've given, etc.  It was fun to put together and Landon got all the answers correct.  And we went out to dinner, of course. 

Here is our sweet Abby on Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy February!

Landon came home to this cute little guy today.  I got the idea to do a "14 Days of Valentine's" from some blog (I can't remember which one, sorry).  Basically, you just give your sweetheart a little something each day leading to Valentine's Day.  When I found this amazing bag in a dollar bin at Target, I knew it was the perfect vehicle for my gifts. 

Today he gave Landon one (since it's the 1st) bottle of Jones Soda's cream soda.  Landon loves them and they are significant to our relationship.  During the complicated stage before we started dating Landon would buy them and the fortunes under the caps were always giving him positive reinforcement about me (or so he believed).  I guess they were right though, he finally did snatch me up!

Stay tuned for the next 13 days!