Sunday, October 28, 2012

6 Months Old

 Ivy is officially 6 months old!  Since I haven't done a single post about this sweet girl, I decided I might as well be on time to document her 6 month mark.  Here are some facts about Ivy.

  • She sleeps on her stomach.  Don't worry, we do put her on her back, but she always rolls over.  At first she started rolling on to her side to sleep but now she goes all the way over.  Funny girl, takes after her mom that way.
  • She doesn't seem to care much for pacifiers.  She is pretty mellow so we never pushed it too hard when she was really little.  I think she probably would like one, but she doesn't know how to keep it in.  Instead, she seems to be content sucking on her fingers as well as her bottom lip (cutest thing ever).  
  • She is a roller.  She isn't really rolling across the room or anything but she constantly rolls over to be on her tummy (exact opposite of her older sister).  She moves around a bit by rolling and rotating.  She isn't crawling, but she is starting to get better at tucking her knees in and lifting up her bum and torso.
  • She is starting to learn how to sit.  She doesn't love to sit, but she is seeming more and more interested.  She especially likes to sit in the grass when it is nice outside... unfortunately, I don't know how many more nice days we will have.
  • She has a great smile.  She will almost always give you a smile, even when she is fussy or really tired.  
  • She likes to scratch surfaces these days.  She also likes to grab faces and hair (although I don't really have any for her to grab!)
  • She loves to take baths and have her diaper changed.  I used to say she was the cleanest baby ever, but now I can say she has had her fair share of blowouts.
  • She really likes to watch and see what is going on.  It is fun to see her take everything in.
  • She is very patient and calm.  Baby #2 has been quite different.  I feel like Ivy has to just "go with a flow" a lot more than Abby did.  However, Ivy is just as sweet as can be and hardly ever complains.  
We love our sweet Ivy!
Not the most glamorous, but this is such an "Ivy face." 

Smile with a scrunchy nose.

Scratching the rug, a daily occurrence.


Linda said...

Sweet little Ivy! Happy Birthday, sweet girl! Thanks for the pictures!

Emily said...

Love this little girl! beautiful pictures of her. We miss you all! Give your babies hugs from us! Heath is still talking about Abby and asking to play with her. We'll have to figure something out...