Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Easter Sunday was a beautiful, sunny day in Boise.  We spent the day looking through our Easter baskets, having Easter egg hunts, going to church, and eating a nice dinner with the McDonalds and Grandma Jean and Grandpa Fay. Here are a few pictures!
Abby has recently learned about Caramellos by watching an old VHS tape at
 G&G Bishop's house that features a Caramello commercial.
One day she started singing, "I was right in the middle of Caramello when I found gold!"
  She was pleased to get one in her Easter basket.

A kaleidescope

One day Abby said, "Grandpa is getting me a present.  It's a pink helmet."
Lucky for her, Grandpa pulled through. She wore it for her morning Easter egg hunt.

Abby's Easter dress

Ivy's Easter dress


 Happy Spring!

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